The Australian GUILD Music & Speech is primarily an examining body in the fields of MUSIC & SPEECH.​​​​​​​​​

With aims to develop MUSIC & SPEECH education and skills by promoting uncompromising standards of education in both performing and teaching skills. To that end, all GuildExam syllabi have been formulated to promote these ideas.


A complete teaching guide through the age 4 to 9

GUILD Awards & Diploma Graduation Ceremony

3pm  1Dec2017
Holiday Inn Hotel
Glenmarie, Selangor

 ​​Our Focus is on students' growth through achievements.

Australian GUILD Music & Speech was founded in 1969. It is non-profit, Public Education Institution, constituted to provide teachers and students of Music and Speech (including Speech & Drama and English Communication). With a responsive organization through a comprehensive set of syllabi throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and China. Examinations which recognise excellence in selected studies, as well as providing supportive encouragement for teachers and students. ​​

The GuildExam Music syllabus comprises of both classical and contemporary music. It has also developed a popular Performance examination where all technical work such as sight-reading, ear test, and general knowledge has been omitted. The student is therefore examined on performance skills only. Each syllabus has its own ‘choice’ section where teachers and students can choose their own music to perform at examinations.

Under the GuildExam, the Speech & Drama and English Communication syllabi not only improve a student’s English but also give them the confidence to interact with their peers and speak effectively in public. It also trains those who aspire to be teachers in speech & drama or towards becoming a professional public speaker.

GuildExam is recognised by Australia government and Malaysia government [JPA(L)S.130/2/1/ Jld.4(25)]

Here are some useful link :
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Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority

I Love Music
Let's Play Together-gether!
Speak with Confidence
Wouldn't it be great if you could play your favourite songs during exam ?

GuildExam pieces covers all types of genres, from classical to contemporary.

There is no limitation.
The choice is YOURS thus making music examination ease.

Click here for MUSIC Options

Bring your buddy to play together as a group in any setting - duet, jazz /pop/ rock band, choir, ukulele ensemble - you name it ! 

GuildExam Ensemble  Assessment is placed upon team work between members towards achieving the same goal. The spirit of non-competitive is extremely beneficial.

Click here for ENSEMBLE Syllabus
One of the reasons of high unemployment rate is lack of communication skills. 

GuildExam English Communication Assessment path the way for students from a young age to adults to be a great communicators.

Click here for ENGLISH COMMUNICATION Syllabus.

Extensive range of syllabi that suit individual's needs

  1. Extensive Range
    GuildExam has a wide range of exam syllabi that suit individual 's needs. You can choose to do individual or group exam with GuildExam. Whether to be performer or teacher, GuildExam has the path.
  2. Teaching + Exam
    GuildExam incorporates both teaching + examination syllabi together. Teachers can continue to use their own materials. As most of these books are found in the syllabus. If not, teachers can apply to use these as "Own Choice".
  3. Own Choice
    Students may loose interest when confronted with an uncompromising selection of exam works. Thus, the "Own Choice" system is introduced. It highlights the basis of no one person is the same as another.
  4. Computerised Reporting
    All exam reports are typed and sent to the relevant applicant. Two examiners will be present or video record will be used for Grade/Level 8 to Diploma examinations.
  5. Friendly Examiners
    Examiner marking is consistent. Variation does not exceed 3% between examiners' results. GuildExam Examiner Training Scheme ensures this stability. Every examiner has undertaken a minimum of 12 months training.
  6. Awards & Recognition
    Encouragement to excel is the utmost importance. The GuildExam Awards Ceremony recognise students who have achieved good results. Awards are given for all levels and Diploma Graduation is held to acknowledge students' success.
How Can I save $$ on Examination Books ?
GuildExam is a Teaching + Examination Syllabus , examination pieces are derived from books which commonly taught by teachers such as Czerny, Alfred, Christopher Norton, Suzuki, Bastein, etc for music students and Oxford, Puffin, Scholastic, etc.. for Speech students.

Exam books can be costly. Therefore with GUILD, teachers do not have to purchase additional examination books. Hence both students and parents can save up a  lots of money from buying these exam books. 

What SHOULD I DO if I have already purchased other exam board books ?

Not to worry ! Teachers can used "Own Choice" system at GuildExam.
" I have the freedom to select my examination piece and challenge to explore wider range of musical style. Yes, I'm more versatile as a musician!" 
                         - Anothonia  LAGM, PDipAGM
"It allows me to play whatever I want and be graded on my performance"

- Wong Keng Joon DipPP.AGM, PDipAGM, AAGM, AmusThAGM
"Flexible & Fun, my students like to attend GUILD Exam !"

- Esther Yap