Australian GuildExam Online Assessment

An online assessment that aims to provide a more accessible, flexible and affordable for students.

Want to take your Exam whenever you’re READY?

The normal face-to-face exam registration is always a time-consuming task. As a student, you will always have the worry about preparation, exam venue, date and time. Students do not always like to attend the formal examinations.

The exam may create a burden that affects a student’s psyche and make feel them detached from society. However, as a teacher, it is crucial to benchmark a student’s progress level.

Exam fees are expensive, so to reap the benefits of the examination process, the student needs to be well prepared for the examination. This may not always be at the time of year when the formal examinations are held.

How to please everyone ? Create your OWN assessment, whenever and wherever you want, with lower fees.

Why ONLINE Assessment?

Exams act as an external measuring tool to evaluate a student’s skills and performance. It allows students to convey their understanding as well as giving the students a goal and level to work towards.

This is a hassle-free online assessment where students can do whenever they are ready. The levels are based on the Australian GUILD syllabus. This can act as a part of the internal assessment for schools, private studios & teachers with an Australian exam board. The marking will be graded like a normal exam.

  • Objectives and Achievements to aim for
  • Is a Continuous Learning progression
  • Acts as a benchmark to proceed to a higher level
  • 3rd party (examiner) testament
  • Accomplishment gained ensure the positive learning process
  • Sustain good retention rate
  • Lower examination fees and hassle-free assessment
  • Continuity of assessment guide

Accessibility is not a feature, it’s an update!